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Are visitors getting lost in your office corridors?

We forget how difficult it was to find our way in the office when we were new. Then comes a visitor who gets stuck in the corridor maze. Now we remember!


Being a visitor can be confusing. You have written instructions. Perhaps a friendly person at the reception desk tells you which direction to take. But then what?

A bad reception is bad for business

Taking care of visitors, giving them a seamless, enjoyable experience, is of course the right thing to do. And it’s often of critical business importance. To create that great experience, we need to remove causes for friction and frustration. Like customers getting lost in your corridors.

A, B, Mozart … where is that?

Names of buildings, meeting rooms and corridors do not help much when the whole system is new to you. Meeting rooms might be called A, B, C or creative things like composer names. But what if you don’t even understand where you are right now? “Take the right outside the elevator” is not much assistance when you already took the wrong direction to start with.

Airports do it well

At Humly we took inspiration from airports when we designed Humly Wayfinding. Airports are often huge. Many visitors are newcomers and time is always of the essence. As a traveler, you need to get directions that always use your current position as their starting point. 

Just like airport departure boards show lists of flights in chronological order, Humly Wayfinding shows a list of meetings. Ongoing meetings at the top, followed by meetings that are about to start. Information can be shown on any screen or system with a web browser and is highly configurable to any use you can find in a modern office building.

No more time wasted wandering

Lastly, directions are always shown from a visitor’s current position. Let’s give all that wasted wandering time back to both your visitors and you. 

Wishing we would show you the way to a product sheet for Humly Wayfinding?

Look no further, here it is.

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