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Expansion of Humly in the North American Market

Hello everyone, today we have a special edition blog post focusing on our new North American team, Jonathan Boutin and Keith Schainholz, the driving forces behind Humly's expansion in the North American market. We have 5 questions that shed light on Humly's journey and future plans in this exciting region.

1. **Leading the Charge in North America**
Jonathan Boutin is at the helm of Humly's expansion in North America. His role involves spearheading business development, sales, marketing, and customer relations. Together with Keith, the goal is to position Humly as a trusted and innovative partner for workplace management solutions.

2. **Main focus in the North American market**
Jonathan and Keith's primary focus in North America is to introduce Humly's cutting-edge solutions to businesses across various industries. They will prioritize building channel partnerships, understanding clients' needs, and tailoring Humly's offerings to meet those needs effectively.

3. **First impression of Humly in Canada and USA**
Humly has made a positive impact in Canada and the USA with its user-friendly interface, innovative features, and commitment to enhancing the workplace experience. Despite the high demand for customization and regulatory considerations in North America, Humly has been well-received in these markets.

4. **Operation in North America**
Humly operates in North America with agility, innovation, and a strong focus on customer-centricity. The team collaborates closely with partners, stays abreast of regional regulations, and continuously refines their solutions to exceed client expectations. The recent addition of Keith Schainholz, US Sales Manager, further accelerates their momentum in this region.

5. **Infocomm in Las Vegas**
Humly will be taking center stage at Infocomm 24 in Las Vegas. Visitors can expect to see the latest solutions for workplace management, including new features like Parking Space booking, external sensors, and Booking Device, all within the Humly ecosystem of workplace solutions. Make sure to visit booth C9277 to experience firsthand how Humly is revolutionizing the modern workplace experience.

So mark your calendars for June 12-14 in Las Vegas, NV, and join Humly at Infocomm! It's an event not to be missed as they showcase their cutting-edge solutions and demonstrate how they are reshaping the way we work. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Humly's journey in North America and beyond. Thank you for reading and see you at Infocomm!

The Humly booth at Infocomm 2024. Humly Infocomm booth Example_Back (1)