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Holiday Season Gift

We just passed the Winter Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere. After the 21st of December every day gets a little bit brighter. Here in Sweden it is an important milestone - especially in a year where the sun has been hiding behind clouds with rare and short exceptions. 

To reduce the spread of covid-19 in Sweden we have the toughest restrictions in place since the pandemic started to spread over the world, and many countries have it really tough right now. 

It is always darkest before dawn and there is a light at the horizon with vaccines and improved treatments.  

At Humly we already had the majority of our meetings online before the pandemic so from a productivity perspective there was no major change. But without the social glue of lunches, after work, dinners, business trips and other events the work dynamic becomes very different.

Social gatherings for celebrations I have found hardest - if not impossible, to replace with online alternatives. It feels a bit strange to end a year without the events, dinners and parties that normally are part of wrapping up a year. But we still wanted to do something special for our colleagues, partners, customers and friends this holiday season. 

We choose to give something that everyone can enjoy. We think playing cards is a timeless form of entertainment that you can enjoy on your own or together with others. Even if most people have a deck of playing cards - chances are that a card or two has gone missing over the years or that the dents and markings on the back of the cards are now so familiar that you know what they are. And even if you already have all the playing cards you need - it is something you can easily pass on to someone else.

So we reached out to Cartamundi and together with Fournier, one of Cartamundi’s premium brands for playing cards in Europe, we created a high quality poker deck exclusively for our friends. The Humly Poker Deck is of casino grade quality (Superlux/Linen 216 310 gv) and just like other Humly products it is built to last and with sustainability in mind.

The Humly Poker Deck limited edition consists of only 999 decks. We just received them and have started to send them out to our friends all over the world.

Some of our friends in Sweden may receive their decks this week, but for our international friends it should arrive in the next few weeks.

We hope you will enjoy them and put them to good use, and we really look forward to meeting you all in person again during 2021! We hope that we can make the holiday celebrations in 2021 in person.