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Thrown out of the meeting room again?

We’ve all been there, haven't we? Holding up the door for valued customers, carrying a tray of freshly brewed coffee. Just to realize the room is double booked.


It takes time to sort out that kind of mess. And it doesn’t contribute to the friendly and professional ambiance we’re trying to build. Instead, it’s the worst kind of way to start an important meeting.

Who wants to stand there, embarrassed, while trying to find out: 

  1. whose fault the situation is, and
  2. how to solve it, instead of getting on with work? 

This kind of confusion is unfortunately too common and takes a lot of time away from what we aim to do: cooperate, create, ideate and build relationships.

A waste of time and office spaces

As many as 70% of workers waste 15 minutes a day trying to find a room. At the same time, 20% of booked rooms are empty. From a facility manager’s point of view, this is a real waste of office spaces. So how come double bookings and confusion still happen without meeting rooms even being efficiently used?

Many times meeting room friction can be avoided with a better overview of what’s booked and what’s free. In a digital view in your calendar system, obviously, but also with a quick glance around a room.

Find your room in an instant

Sometimes a meeting opportunity comes up unexpectedly. That’s when you want to instantly see from the outside of a room: busy or not? And if it’s free, until when?

Book on the spot

Finally, it’s important to be able to book that free room right on the spot just by pushing a button. Not having to dig for your phone or computer and log into a booking system.

Getting around this kind of common source of frustration in the office is our mission. We create office tech solutions that never jump up at you to steal your time or attention. They just work like a clock when you need them.

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