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Afternoon dance party. Book anything at the office.

Choose tech that moves to your music. Humly Booking Device lets you book anything at the office, even a party zone you just created in a corner.


Free your mind at work. Get the flexibility you need to be creative. Choose tech that lets you remove friction from your daily work life and stay focused.

Book anything, anywhere.

Humly Booking Device is a brand new, stylish device to book just about anything. Flexible enough to meet the changing requirements of the modern workplace. Use it to book and manage:

  • desks
  • meeting rooms
  • focus rooms
  • social spaces
  • co-working spaces and social spaces
  • phone booths and flexible workplace modules
  • cars and parking spacec
  • ... and anything else you can think of

Slim, small and infinitely flexible

Humly Booking Device is the smart and flexible younger sibling of the iconic Humly Room Display, with the same, appreciated user interface. Read more about the world's most flexible workplace tool here.

Download the Humly product catalogue here.