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Battle proven at big big enterprise

Humly is the safe bet for big organisations. Our technology and hardware is the latest iteration of one of the most proven room management solution which has been on the market for over 10 years and we carry on that experience acquired by managing and supporting workplace installations with tens of thousands of Room Displays . With that knowledge we have been able to refine the workplace management solution to the point that we are confident in saying that we know what actually bring value to distributors, integrators and enterprise customers as well as the end-user. 

Here's some of the insights we believe enterprise customers need. You can't just have one administrator managing thousands of devices on several continents and time zones, you must be able to delegate different regions out to local administrators and local users. This is because it is key to be able to remote control the devices, you don't want to run around and change settings at each of the individual devices.  What you do want is to be able to change settings in bulk for a whole city, country or region. 

You also need to be able to prove your security with independent auditors, you need to know how to scale a big installation, will your server hold this many Room Displays? Are you using the right integrations towards O365 or your calendar system that can scale? There are limits to how many transactions Microsoft allows per minute and then they close you out.

Additionally, one of the maybe most overlooked feature of a premium enterprise solution: possibilities to have a genuine dialog with decision makers in portfolio management and hence be able to collaborate on the future of our solutions.

We can spend many hours talking about our experience and I want to summarise with two things. 

There are two things I'm most proud of with the Humly suite, it is the beautiful Humly Room display with its premium components but it is also the supporting software. You might not see it but it is there in the background - robust and ready to scale up.

If you are an enterprise business or large organization, do you want a better way to manage your workplace IT? Or get more insightful statistics from your office usages? Let us know in the comments below!