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Volvo Cars Customer Case - Close Collaboration

Johanna Bengtsson, our head of Business Development, got a chance to sit down with Lillis O’Connor and Karin Nordling Weschke of the Volvo Cars Workplace Experience team and have a conversation about their view on the modern workplace, what their goals are and how Humly Solutions fit into their workplace experience.


Workplace experience is an important factor in retaining existing talent and attracting new professionals. In this context it is not surprising that the Humly Room Display product design was one of the things that sparked the interest of Volvo Cars, thanks to Jörgen Börling at AV1. “The first thing we saw was the great design and sort of  fell in love with that, and it made us want to learn a bit more about the Humly brand” - says Lillis O’Connor.

When we started working with Volvo Cars we were impressed with how serious their workplace team is about creating a workspace that attracts and provides energy to their co-workers.  Their concepts around collaboration and productivity are carefully developed in dialogue with their end users and even if they have already come a long way they have a strong vision and engagement for long term continuous improvement. We find it very inspiring to work together with a customer like Volvo Cars. Especially since they focus so much on the wellbeing of their employees” - says Johanna Bengtsson, head of Business Development at Humly.

Volvo Cars vision for the modern workplace is all about enabling each employee to be more productive by working smarter not harder. With intuitive technical solutions that make work life easier, more efficient and fun - more time and energy is available to focus on business critical work. Karin Nordling Weschke representing the Volvo Cars Workplace Experience team says “The technology should be really easy to understand so that you save a lot of time using it” . 

“Starting a project with aligned expectations is important for a successful project and in this case we could also see a clear alignment in vision for the future of the workplace, and that built the foundation for a closer collaboration moving forward. We are excited about the impact our joint collaboration can have in improving everyday life of thousands of knowledge workers within Volvo Cars.”
Anders Karlsson, CEO of Humly

Some great ideas and improvements from this collaboration have already made it into the products we offer. This is a win-win situation for both Humly and Volvo, but also for all our other customers that will benefit from the improvements.