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Ending up on the floor cause you can't find a desk?

iStock-1219991882Not having your own desk at work is a big shift for many employees. Getting used to a more flexible workplace can be a positive experience. But only if it’s easy to get a desk when you need it.

The pandemic brought rapid change in how we define the office and where we work. Activity based workplaces with hot desk systems had already replaced traditional office spaces in many organizations. When hybrid work became the norm, this transformation accelerated.


Having your own desk is not the standard anymore

Since hybrid and remote work forms together make up more than 80% of employees in the US, according to Gallup, organizations adapt by cutting the number of desks. The idea that you have your own desk at the office and that it will be empty until you arrive is not the standard anymore. 

Breaking habits is painful

Leaving the idea of having your own desk can be painful. We humans are creatures of habit. The impression that desk availability is scarce, whether true or not, can create competitive morning races where employees come in early to secure the best spots.

The upside: more social spaces

But handled well by management, this shift towards flexibility can bring great things. Because hot desking is not only about space efficiency and cutting costs. Instead of housing rows and rows of desks that are often empty, it might be better for companies to invest in social spaces and collaboration areas. That can help boost company culture in a  world of hybrid work.

5 keys to succeed with a flexible desk system

  • An easy way to book desks from any employee’s smartphone or computer
  • Visible and clear information about what is booked and what is free
  • A booking system that uses your existing tech ecosystem: no new apps or cables
  • An adaptable desk booking system that keeps up with desk rearrangements and facility changes
  • Options to let external people, like freelancers, book desks

Humly Desk Booking is our answer to help your organization with all of the above. The more we reduce friction and frustration in the hybrid workplace, the more productive we get.

Want to check out the details? Here is the product sheet for Humly Desk Booking.