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So your freelancers can't book a desk?

iStock-1213169872Workplace booking apps are great - but only if they match your real work life needs. It shouldn’t be difficult to let a trusted freelancer book a desk in your office. Or letting visitors book a parking space.

All tech solutions have to have some amount of flexibility, otherwise users won’t use them (unless forced to). Great tech matches the demands of our everyday lives. When it works like it should, we don’t even think about technology, it’s just there to support us.

What to demand from your booking system at work

Since hybrid work became the norm, the demand for smart booking systems has accelerated. Where employees don’t have a designated desk, booking a desk for the day has to be easy and friction free. But there is more to booking than reserving desks and meeting rooms for employees. 

Here are some important aspects to think about when you choose your workplace booking system.

1. Make sure the amount of flexibility is up to you

A common source of friction and frustration is workplace tech that doesn’t adapt to your needs. It should be your choice whether freelancers, partners and visitors can book rooms, desks and parking lots in your office building. 

2. Don’t forget coworking spaces

And just like booking access should be extendable to non-employees when that’s suitable, you might wish to extend what physical spaces can be booked, even outside of the company office. In many organizations, coworking spaces function as extensions of the office and places where employees regularly go to do their work. Well, then they should definitely be bookable in your workplace tech solution of choice, right?

3. Safety and flexibility must go hand in hand

It goes without saying that security must be top notch with the abovementioned flexibility in place. There should never have to be a trade-off between the two. Security cannot be added as an afterthought.  

At Humly, our mission is to reduce friction and frustration in the modern workplace with smart and friendly tech. So we created Humly Reservations that lets you do all of the above. Read about it here.And here’s a product sheet that gives you an overview of our product suite Humly Workplace Solutions.