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Greeting visitors with a smile - or tons of admin?

Visitors are valued guests at your office. How come they still often have to wait in line in the reception area? Perhaps even fight through crazy amounts of paperwork before entering the building?iStock-1212372444

The key to a great visitor experience is to make it feel seamless and welcoming. Bulky bureaucracy is rather the opposite of that.

5 things your visitors shouldn’t have to do

These are things your guests should never have to do:

  • Wonder where to turn when they arrive in your building
  • Fight for attention in a line of other visitors waiting
  • Being met with long paper documents to fill out
  • Wonder if their hosts know that they have arrived
  • Go through a time consuming check out process when leaving

Reduce admin and greet them with a smile

With less admin, your staff can focus their attention on your visitors, ensuring that they feel welcome and taken care of. A great tech solution for visitor check-in, registration, badges and host alerts streamlines the process for everyone involved.

Visitor logs for security and insights

Plus, a user friendly visitor process keeps your visitor logs up to date for security reasons and for important insights into office space usage.

Reducing friction and frustration at the office is one of our missions at Humly. Take a look at our product sheet for Humly Visitor here.