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Humly takes a human-centric approach in the smart workplace

As pioneers, the Humly team started innovating the smart workplace over a decade ago. Humly’s innovative Swedish design and its high-quality Hong Kong production organization have led to successful brand partnerships in the smart workplace domain.

“After a very successful decade of steady growth, we realized that to fulfill our vision for the future we had to change our own business model,” says Anders Karlsson, CEO of Humly. “With the Humly brand, we have direct contact with both the end customers and sales channel which allows more collaboration and shorter feedback loops which, in turn, allows us to maintain our positions as pioneers in a domain that is evolving quickly.”

Over the last five years, the smart workplace market has exploded with new solutions from startups and tech giants alike. The next five years will entail paradigm shifts for both how technology enhances the workplace and how that technology is supplied.

“We see how IoT, IT, and AV have begun merging in the workplace and this new landscape is still undefined” says Johanna Bengtsson, Chief Business Development Officer at Humly. “The only thing we know for certain is that the landscape will not stay the same, which is why we make our solutions integration-friendly and open so that our customers are future-proofed no matter what happens.” Humly position itself as a human-centric company in the way that it actively considers questions of the sustainability of its products, putting heavy emphasis on ensuring that products are relevant for as long as possible. 

Humly’s vision is to harness technology to improve human interaction in the workplace. It intends to focus on the companies whose productivity and results are tied closely to the cognitive endurance and satisfaction of their large workforces of creatives and knowledge workers. Humly aims to amplify the benefits of workplace technology by drawing on its portfolio of solutions and business and technology partners.

“We use technology to reduce friction between employees and frustration with management by optimizing workplaces with scaleable and open solutions, such as resource reservation systems, room displays, wayfinding solutions, and meeting management systems,” says Humly’s Chief Product Officer, Tobias Liljedahl. “Our solutions nudge human behavior in the right direction and, by integrating them with the systems already in place, we can leverage them to exponentially increase the number of times a day we can help keep employees on the right track.”

From both a functional and an aesthetic perspective, Humly’s focus is on enduring design. It aspires to create products that seamlessly integrate with workplace environments. The timeless elegance of the company’s first product—the Humly Room Display—is a great example of how technology can become an integral part of an interior rather than just a gadget hanging on the wall. 

More products and solutions will be announced by Humly at the ISE show in Amsterdam from the 11th to 14th of February. Visit Humly at booth 15-S285 at ISE.

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