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Release 1.7

The latest release (1.7) will include a myriad of small fixes and changes, this post will help to identify some of those that might require some further explanation. 

First out is the Touchless Check-in. This feature will enable you to swipe any compatible RFID card or NFC tag over the Humly logo on the Humly Room Display  in order to complete the "check-in" action. This replaces the need to actively tap the Check-in button on the display. This is big news because it does not require a deeper integration or identification of customers, just like anyone could walk by a screen and check-in a meeting for a college, this feature will enable the same behaviour using anything from your access card or even your buss pass. 
Supported standards are: NFC/RFID 13.56 Mhz (ISO/IEC 14443A/B), MIFARE 4K/1K

With the new release we will also offer the customer to upload a Custom Logo to the left hand top corner of the display without disturbing the UI in any notable way. We hope that this feature will give our customers a sense of personalization while still keeping the product at peak usability. We recommend that you upload your logotype with a clear or black background and use a white or grayscale image for best effect in the UI. 

For those of you who use third party software to embed  Wayfinding in iframes can now whitelist frame ancestors by simply listing the domains that you wish to grant access to HCP material with. This means that we will now suppor a wide arrange of third party signage solutions for example 

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