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Humly Sustainability - Insights and Policy

In the end of 2022 Humly released our latest "Sustainability insights". In the report we describe parts of the Humly Story, how the work with sustainability evolved in the early days, how we work with benchmarking etc. The report also states the Humly Mission and Vision regarding sustainability in general and what can of strategy we take upon that. The document ends with Humly Sustainability Policy. 

Humly was founded with the purpose to increase quality of life in a way that has a positive impact on the planet. Based on this purpose we have put together a team that is passionate about making the world a better place. All of the Humly business is built around a sustainable use of all resources - financial, human and environmental. 

We would love to talk more about our views on sustainable work/life balance as well as a sustainable use of investments - but in this report we will focus on environmental sustainability and how we are working to minimize the negative environmental impact of our business and how we try to maximize the positive impact by influencing others.

Read the entire Sustainability Insights and Policy.