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Time is money!

Humly has created an easy to use tool that goes beyond the standard space and utility savings calculations. By adding measurable productivity gains to the calculation you can get more accurate estimates on return on investment.

Humly is a Workplace Experience company that makes human interactions better with technology!

To value any solution you need to look at upfront investment, total cost of ownership, and most importantly - value generated! 

Most workplace solutions include functionality for space optimization, and so does ours. Thanks to measurable savings in space optimization the average investment of our customers is paid off  in just 6-9 months.

Great, isn’t it? But space optimization is not really workplace experience. So why do we at Humly focus so much on workplace experience?

Studies show that improvements in user productivity has 10 times the value potential compared to space optimization. A better workplace experience is proven to increase productivity and help companies attract/retain talent. It also reduces friction and irritation in everyday work. 

But it is almost impossible to is harder to measure exactly how much better. Except for our basic vitals and physical characteristics humans are famously hard to measure.  That is probably why so many focus only on space utilization.

At Humly we want to change that. Many things will remain hard to measure but we were confident that we could show that our solutions actually save people time every day at the work. Time is very measurable and we all know time is money. So we set out to research how our solutions save time for end users.

Time spent searching for collaboration spaces or looking for your next meeting is obviously not adding value to anyone. The organization experiences productivity waste. The end user experiences friction, stress and irritation

As mentioned previously, it is not easy to measure the negative effects of everyday friction/stress/dissatisfaction or the exact gains from reducing them. But we can measure how much time is wasted before our solution and measure the reduction in wasted time after installing our system.

We looked into existing quantitative data and combined it with qualitative user research. In the results we can to see the full impact of both space utilization and reduced time waste.

To make the results of our research easy to access we created a tool. It is super simple to use and will calculate your expected return on investment based on your individual parameters.

It just takes a minute to Input your basic parameters and tweak the results to match your scenario. The results are also available in a conveniently printable format for further analysis.


Get the whole picture when evaluating new  workplace solutions, we believe you will be surprised!

Try the Humly ROI Calculator!

Tweak the settings to your reality and get your results.