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Tech should be helpful, never intrusive

We live in a world full of distractions. Our products are designed to help you navigate at a glance, so that you can keep your headspace clear. This is our tech design philosophy.

We manage our office spaces with care. We clean them, plan them cleverly and think about ventilation and light. But do we care enough for our head space?

The attention economy is causing brain drain

Distractions that steal our focus have become an unwelcome part of the modern digital work environment. Emails, messages and notifications constantly light up our screens and interrupt us when we are trying to think, analyze and create at work. This brain drain is the greatest threat to productivity in the modern attention economy.

Let’s support focus instead

Activity-based offices, agile work methods and hybrid workplaces have given us more freedom and flexibility than ever. A lot of that freedom relies on technological solutions. Let’s make sure that the tech we use actually supports our focus and helps us perform, instead of the other way around.

We aim to get out of your way

Many tech companies strive to prolong the time their users spend with their apps. Our philosophy is the opposite. At Humly, we believe that the best way to optimize our customers' time and resources is to get out of the way. That’s why we work with a minimalistic, user-friendly design that allows people to spend less time with our product and more time creating value. 


Solving meeting room friction

When we created Humly Room Display, we wanted to solve a problem that causes tons of friction and frustration at workplaces every day. 70% of workers waste 15 minutes a day trying to find a room. At the same time, 20% of booked rooms are empty.

If it was easier to get insight into meeting room status, we thought, work life would be so much simpler. So we set out to make it smooth to quickly see booking status, unbook and rebook. 

When the jury of The Red Dot Award described our room display with words like “subtle, soft elegance” and “uncluttered clarity”, we felt proud.

Just what you need. No more, no less

When creating Humly Wayfinder, we let ourselves be inspired by airport information boards. We wanted to make sure we only gave users the information they needed, no more and no less. 

Our products are meant to work like a clock on the wall - giving people the critical information they need, without stealing their attention.

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