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WSI Customer Case

Our room displays and cloud backend have now been used by WSI Sweden for several months in their new office spaces. WSI Sweden helps clients thrive in a connected world by designing and developing products and solutions that create value.

We had a chat with the CEO of WSI Sweden, Jonas Strandell, in their beautiful office in Stockholm to talk about how they use room displays and what they think about our solution that we have been fortunate enough to provide. 

Like many other of our customers, the facility management team of WSI Sweden already understood the value of using smart office technology. They used another market player’s displays and ran the backend on-premise. Hence, before they decided to install some of our new room displays they needed to figure out what to do with the solution they invested in a few years ago. 

Luckily, their existing solution, Evoko Liso displays which are compatible with the Humly solution and can be migrated to a cloud server running Humly Control Panel to use both old and new room displays in parallel. This is made possible by a transition to the next generation of room displays by running the new units side-by-side with the old units as a hybrid solution during the transition period leaving the organization with an easier choice to really take the next step in preparing for the future of workplaces and making human interactions better with technology. 

WSI Sweden currently uses our Humly Room Displays for the public spaces in their office where they meet clients and partners. On the other part of the office where only staff is allowed, some of the old units are still mounted. This is a very sensible way to make use of displays that are still functioning while investing for the future.

We believe that a lot of organizations are faced with similar hurdles and now more than ever see the need to implement new solutions in the workspaces during these challenging times to create better places to work with the current situation but also prepare for what’s happening in the aftermath of the pandemic we are experiencing at the moment. 


Does your organization have room displays or other solutions in the office space for bookable resources? 

If yes, which one?
If not, tag your boss or facility manager in the comments below!