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Some cool new features coming to the Humly ecosystem

Nexudus integration

One of the main ingredients of the Humly way is being close to our customers so we picked up the need for coworking software to integrate with Humly. When I reached out to Nexudus coworking software they enthusiastically confirmed that need, having many of their customers asking for room display support, and we got off to a great integration project from day one. Monika, you know who I’m hinting at!  ;)

Heart symbolHumly_h-icon_GreenBlack

Humly room booking screens will now sync with the Nexudus cloud service just like any of our other O365, Exchange, Google, Domino.

We sync both booked conference rooms and desk bookings making everything just work and be super transparent for the coworking space and their customers.

Having done many integrations already, adding one more took only a couple of weeks and we have a big customer happily running in ßeta for about a month already.

Signage mode

Another feature that’s been on our radar for some time now is the ability to turn the Humly room displays into signage mode.

If a room is being renovated you could add a text telling what dates it is not bookable or it could be when a customer rents a room in a coworking space and they need a way to display what company is in the room, opening hours etc.

We have a template so you can quickly add a company logo, and text but since one template does not fit all needs we also support adding an image so you can go pixel perfect in your layout.

Yes, I need a better phone camera but you get the picture.

Full RGB LED control

We have gotten the feedback that our LEDs in some darker environments can be a little on the brighter side, stealing all the attention. There can also be situations where the colors are clashing with some parts of the interior design by being slightly off compared to the environment.

Since we build the hardware ourselves we have full programmatic control over details like that and it was an easy addition to add a color picker to allow for any color and intensity. All rooms can be configured individually or in groups.

O365 Single Sign On, SSO

Yes, we hear you loud and clear! One of our most asked for features is now in the testing phase. The beauty of this solution is that it will automatically give us multi factor authentication which is also one of the more asked for features. Kill two birds with one stone!

Added more languages

From a technical standpoint maybe not the most exciting feature but in practicality it is one of the more important ones. Larger companies have sites in many countries and we need to cater for those needs to be relevant. Our language modules take on new languages regardless of directionality of the words.

Tomas Nielsen, CTO Humly

Have an idea for a cool feature? Feel free to reach out to me!