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Humly <3 Nexudus

In late 2020 Ubiq approached us and told us about Hufvudstaden’s latest coworking venture Cecil. We were very excited by the concept with beautiful Scandinavian interior, impressive lighting design and overall focus on the experience for the tenants. 

Hufvudstaden uses the market leading co-working solution Nexudus to take care of visitor management, invoicing, room booking, space management and catering. They asked us if they could our Humly Room Display work with the Nexudus coworking platform. 

We sat down together with our partner Ubiq and Hufvudstaden in order to list their requirements. We were able to map out a solid use case with a simple enough roadmap to get start. Our CTO Tomas then reached out to Nexudus and started a relationship that we are both very excited to announce.

Already from the very beginning we received excellent support from Nexudus management and developers. The effective collaboration was very important since the customers' new co-working facility Cecil was scheduled to launch in February. 

Together with Nexudus we were able to meet the tight deadline and deliver a working solution for Hufvudstaden. Since February we have been fine tuning and improving the integration for a public release and we are now very happy to announce that we have released version 1.5 of our Humly Control Panel software with full support for Nexudus.

With our latest release you can now use our award winning Humly Room Display together the award winning co-working platform from Nexudus. 

Are you interested in equipping your co-working space with Humly Room Display, please go here and we will put you in contact with a reseller in your region.

Use this link to get in contact with Nexudus

If you want to know more about Cecil Co-working by Hufvudstaden please go here